Through a team of more than 30 certified teachers, we offer a wide variety of asana, pranayama, restorative, philosophy, and therapeutic classes; continuing education programs for teachers; workshops and retreats.

The Iyengar Method emphasizes the complete alignment of body, mind and breath, with the use of multiple types of props and ropes any practitioner regardless of age or health condition can obtain the benefits of this ancient practice, which is considered a science and an art at the same time.

Each class is different and in these classes each asana is studied in detail and in depth, always seeking its correct alignment and execution.



A Message From Our Director

The IYC was founded in 1992 and validated by B.K.S. Iyengar in 2001. Since then we have sought to be a center of excellence and professionalism in the teaching of the Method. Thousands of students have been in our classrooms and more than 70 teachers have been internationally certified here. Our community is a space where students, teachers and our team live the practice of yoga together as a life project. This is our Sadhana, our common space where we seek to transform ourselves every day. Our mission is to bring this ancient wisdom to all practitioners.

Iyengar for everyone

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