In Yoga Chudāmani UpanisadPranayama is mentioned as the highest discipline, a sublime knowledge.

Patañjali in the Yoga Sutras defines Pranayama as the control of the incoming and outgoing respiratory flow together with retention of breath.

This breath control will expand the energy and vitality that permeates the entire Universe, also known as “Prana”. This energy acts as physical, mental, intellectual, sexual, spiritual and cosmic energy.

This is the principle of life and consciousness, which is vast.

Patañjali states that through the practice of Pranayama “the veil that covers the light of knowledge is put aside and announces the beginning of wisdom“ (Sutra II.52)

Svatmarama in Hatha Yoga Pradipika , warns us of the need to gradually control this Prana through the correct and supervised practice of Pranayama.

He mentions that just as lions, elephants and tigers are tamed (little by little, with patience and energy), so is Prana, otherwise the practitioner could become ill or die.

The correct practice of Pranayama turns out to be a balm for the nervous system. However, if it is poorly practiced, it can become a problem for this system.


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Fotografía sacada de Luz sobre el Pranayama de BKS Iyengar.